Please provide repository link for beta version

Can you post a direct link to the repository for us linux users that want to use wget.

I use this for latest production release:


Need something similar for pre-release.


We are running very hard to do what we do. We can do more as we grow (which is rapidly). But for the time being we have no plans for this.

Ok no worries.

Just keep in mind that on linux many of us do not run gui desktops - its not good practice to run a gui on a sever so its a bit of a pain to get releases by downloading it in one place and then uploading it again to another.

Hi DomJ,

Pre-releases are built/released from the ‘develop’ branch.

On GitHub, you can choose the branch on the main project page:

From there, it will generate a new zip file link, which you can use your wget command with and grab the pre-release code.

You can also, alternatively, navigate to: then click on the release and copy the ‘Source Code’ link. It also generates a zip file for that specific release which again you could use with wget.

I hope this helps.



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That’s what I was looking for - THANKS Will!