Please help

I downloaded SuiteCRM with Bitnami for my Mac (version OS X SuiteCRM 7.6.6-0 (64-bit)). I downloaded it yesterday and saw that there were servers which I activated. Today however no server can be seen when I open the manager osx. Could you please help me to find it ? Secondly I would like to know exactly what should be done once the server is activated in order to finish the installation. Yesterday I only got access to SuiteCRM through the URL > But today nothing works. I have tried several hours and am really at point of deleting and uninstalling everything. Your help would be much appreciated

Let me know if you still need help. I am guessing there are not too many around with Mac

Hi, for this kind of early installation problem you could probably get better assistance in the Bitnami forums. I used to have a Bitnami install (in a Virtual Machine) and when I used their forums I got really helpful responses.

is the Web server and MySQL running on?
Bitnami has a session manager, call it on and start the services. You can set the start as a service, so that it is loaded in the startup. If you have not set up the startup, then you need to set the services manually