Please HELP! Subpanel "Create/Select" menu disappeared - Suitecrm8


In Studio I added a simple “One to Many” relationship to Contracts to display the “Notes” subpanel.
Then I quick repaired.
So I opened a Contract and found the Note subpanel with the “Create/Select” menu on the right.
After creating a note the menu disappeared. I tried with another account/contract, but the same.
So I entered the Studio and deleted the relationship. Then I reset the module choosing only “Clear Relationship” and quick repaired the DB.
The situation did not change and is even worse. Now the “Create/Select” menu does not appear also on other modules, for example the Quote one, as shown in the screenshot below (the first one taken from the
public demo shows how it should be, the second one shows how is for me now).

Can please somebody help me out on this?

Thanks in advance

Any help?


Hi @mariofucile,

There’s already a relationship between notes and contacts which you can access via the “Actions” dropdown on History. Pressing “Create Note or Attachment” will give you the short form.

Let me know if this helps or if you specifically need the new OtoM relationship

Hi Mac-Rae,

Thanks for replying.

Actually the note subpanel did not show opening a contract from an account. It shows just
document and quote subpanel. So I created the relationship to get the note subpanel
in order to insert notes related specifically to the opened contract.

But the point is that after going back to the original situation, deleting the relationship created,
when I open from an Account a contract or a quote or an invoice all the related subpanels are
shown with no “Action” menu on the right.

Among the other tries I also disabled the “Display action within menus” option in the admin->system configuration. With that I got the “create and select” menu back separated, but at the bottom of the page, out of a reasonable position and overlapping each other if I detail more than one subpanel. I then enabled back the same menu option from system configuration, but again, same as before, now the subpanel action menu does not show.

If you have any idea to get back to the normal state.