Please help me Not able to configure email

I am testing Suite Crm 7.7.4 on Xampp (On Windows 7 & 10) and While instaling i got an error

1st error - Notice: IMAP Module Not found: InboundEmail and Campaigns (Email) require the IMAP libraries. Neither will be functional
2nd error - Upload File Size Warning: Your PHP configuration should be changed to allow files of at least 6MB to be uploaded.

Then during installation i got some language error in line 4** forgot to copy it

Please help me I am unable to create new users because it keeps asking to configure thee email and no matter what i do its not working please help me.
Also i tried insightly it’s so simple how to design suite crm just like that ? I don’t want my data to be use by insightly. I loved suite but its so complicated. we are a small office with just me and my friend so even he found suite very hard to use. is there a way to make suite simple ? Please help me with these problems it would be so helpful.


It sounds to me like your Xampp setup doesn’t have the IMAP modules enabled.

You can find how to enable them here:
It says:

In regards to your 2nd error, this seems like an issue with your php.ini file having values that are too restrictive
We’d recommend setting the following in your php.ini file:

Set post_max_size to at least 60MB
Set upload_max_filesize settings to at least 60MB
Set max_input_time to a large number
Set memory_limit to 256MB

Then Restart Apache / IIS to ensure the changes take effect.

If you do the above, do you still meet any issues?

Thank you so much it worked like a charm but when i tried to create an account i am getting this error

Notice: Undefined index: CampaignLog in C:\xampp\htdocs\matha\include\SearchForm\SearchForm2.php on line 129

Notice: Undefined index: AOS_Products_Quotes in C:\xampp\htdocs\matha\include\SearchForm\SearchForm2.php on line 129

Are you still observing such notices in your interface with SuiteCRM?

Yes i am facing the same error. there is no error while installing SuiteCRM but cannot create new users

Dear Cyberman07,

Try going into the root directory of you suite instance and edit the file index.php and at the top insert a line after <?php

ini_set('display_errors', '0');

Note: Whenever you want errors/notices to be served to you for debugging purposes, just replace ‘0’ with ‘1’.

Also, have you received my answer to your previous post:

With thanks,


Thanks for the replies on both the thread. I have to create all the accounts first only then i can do the remaining thing. my admin account also did not get any email. I am not able to configure the gmail to suitecrm still that’s the reason i think.

Regarding the second error:

Warning: Your PHP configuration should be changed to allow files of at least 6MB to be uploaded.

service php7.0-fpm reload

Worked for my on my ubuntu 16 box. I didn’t realize that the web server and php-fpm are actually separate now. Maybe its a similar thing for IIS.
In my case I knew I edited php.ini correctly and the value still didn’t show up properly in the interpreter.

To troubleshoot I added

<?php phpinfo(); ?>

to a file in the suiteCRM root so i could view what php thinks the values of upload_max_filesize is. I noticed a mismatch.

Of course, on Windows, you can do what Windows admins always do- reboot. :smiley: