Planet Authorize SugarCRM extension

I am attempting to install an extension for Planet Authorize ( to my SuiteCRM instance. I have version 7.0.2 of SuiteCRM. When I upload the .tar version, I get an error saying “Invalid Package.” I’ve also attempted to untar the files and then zip them for upload. That gives me the message “ZIP Error(0): Status(0): Arhive(upload:// Directory(/var/tmp/PHVEUn).” This appears to me to be more sucessful. However, it looks like it’s moved the files to a tmp directory on the server that I don’t have access to. This is a shared hosting environment. Can someone give me any general hints on what I might try next or any specific hints with the sugarpayments plugin?


Hi Robert,

Does this work on a standard SugarCRM CE 6.5.x instance? I would suggest contacting the team @ Planet Authorize.



I’m not sure. I don’t have a standard CRM instance to test on. What I really need are some general instructions/examples for installing a plugin. What file formats should I be expecting, etc?