Pinning a contact to dashboard


I was wondering if anyone had tried something like this out before. I couldn’t find any similar topics on this forum. I’m looking for a way to have a contact flagged or pinned to someone’s specific dashboard.

For example, say a Sales rep calls somebody to check in on them, and the person picks up but wants a call back in a couple days. I would like to have a checkbox or something to select that would pin this contact to the dashboard so the rep doesn’t forget to call them back.

I know there is a recall date option for the contact, but I am looking for something that would be easier to find rather than searching through a call sheet for a specific contact.

Any ideas or advice is appreciated.

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Hi @Dan25 , what about using Favorites? I mean the Star at the end of the record name when you are in detail view.
The result is:

If this is not enought there’s even a Favorite Dashlet plugin you could purchase.

Awesome! I’ve spent hours working on SuiteCRM and never even noticed the star on the detail view of a record. This will suffice for what I need, thank you for pointing it out!

I tried it out and it works great! However, for some reason it is creating two links to the favorited contact. See picture

Only one record exists. Any ideas as to why I am getting double?

Have you deleted any of them?
Have you already tried with Quick Repair or with emptying the cache folder?

All the users I’ve tested have not been deleted, I even checked against the database to see if there were duplicate records and there were not. Quick Repair didn’t seem to fix the issue either.

Would you be able to tell me what I should clear in my cache folder?

Hi @Dan25, you should try to empty the whole cache folder’s content (not the cache folder itself)

Hi @LionSolution ,
I have cleared out my cache folder, ran a Quick Repair, and verified that no duplicate records exist in my database. However, I still see double links for favorited users.

Do you know of any other places to check for this issue?

Hi @Dan25, i’m sorry not…

Thank you for your help. I’ll continue to poke around with some files. If I get stuck I will make a separate post for this issue since it is different from what I have in the title.

Thanks again!