PHP and others versions for SuiteCRM 7.1.0


I’m new to SuiteCRM and I want to download and evaluate the product. I’ve read through the installation instructions and the first few steps mentioned to install the appropriate version of PHP, web server and database on your machine.

For SuiteCRM 7.1.0, I’m struggling finding this information. Some of the links take me to SugarCRM v7.x support platforms but I assume those are not the same requirements.

Is this documented anywhere?

Or is it safe to assume that since SuiteCRM is based upon v6.5 of SugarCRM than even v7.0 and v7.1 of SuiteCRM is continuing to support the v6.5 SugarCRM platform stack?

For what it’s worth, I’m running PHP v.5.4.26 successfully.

I’m running the standard PHP 5.4 on Dreamhost, no issue at all.