Phonegap app and suiteCRM

hi all

we are planning to develop a Phonegap app able to syncronize qith suiteCRM

we are wondering:

  • where to find APIs
  • how to set up a test suiteCRM environment with ease
  • is there any html5/PG code already written and usable

thanks in advance to any help and info!


2-) (outdated but works)

3-) the R Theme is already responsive (if that’s what you mean)

best regards

hi mike, thanks for the quick answer!

  1. ok! at least we can use js in the app that calls php in a web server that calls api methods, for sure, i’ll take a look deeper to find any smarter solution

  2. ok! is there any shortcut? e.g. preconfigured systems that sell single accounts for tests, or similar?

  3. i mean some html5 app/website/github that already use web services


best regards