Personnel Module SuiteCRM

Plz I want to create a personnel module in SUITECRM version 7 but before that I want to know the architecte of the module .
Names of directory ,files and the use of eache one .

where i should add interection with DATABASE.

If i need a logic class and a common one where can i add them in the project to respect MVC model.

Thank you in advance

Please follow this thread:

Thank you .
I read it.But i stille dont undrstand where i can add a logic class and common class(exemple class util) (not logic hook) .
And for the class that has the same name as the module is it the model class that should contain just the interction with DB ?
My Objectiv is to know how MVC model is implemented in module directory to respect it .

You might want to read the documentation first:

Thank you :slight_smile: