Permissions Question Involving Quotes


We have a fairly simple organization structure. We have some different locations. At these locations, we have a Sales Admin and Sales People.

The sales people should only see their stuff and the sales admin can see everyone at the location. We have a sales admin role and a sales role. In the sales roll, things are set to “owner” and in the sales admin role things are set to “Group”. This works great for most modules. It is not working for Quotes.

Sales admins can only see their own quotes.

Our workflow is, a lead comes in, the lead is converted to a contact, a quote is generated. We don’t use Accounts or Opportunities.

Can someone point me in the direction of setting this up correctly? So Sales admins can see their groups quotes and their sales people only see their own quotes?


So we decided to bite the bullet and buy the SecuritySuite - SuiteCRM Teams extension and this solved this issue.