Permision problems

I selected the Strict Right option and additional Rights

I have two security Groups A and B.
Group A can list and edit records. Only group.
Group B can neither list nor edit. Not allowed

A user with Groups A and B should neither list nor edit a record with Group B. Beacuse only the B group rights should be applied.

However, the record is listed but cannot be edited.
Seems that as Group A has the “group” option in the “list” action. the module test if the user and the record share any Group.

In the example. As user and record share the Group B. the module “thinks” that group right of Group A should be apllied.

I need list only record with Group A.

Any help would be very thankfully.

Thank you in advance

As per my understanding “Higher Permission” give higher previlege to any user.
As user X is in both teams , team A and B. it is getting higher permission ie edit and list from Team A.

You may try to check “Strict Rigths” in “security suite setting” from admin section.