PDF Template Puilling Field Name Rather Than Label Name

Hello, I was able to get a custom module added to PDF Templates to generate a print out (thanks to Sid’s post #5953) - most everything working well except that when I insert a multiselect field the generated PDF is pulling the multiselect drop down list field name rather than the label name - for example craig_sampo (field name of select list) rather than Craig Sampo (the label of the craig_samp field name). The field works fine in the edit and other layouts. Is there a way to control what PDF TEmplates is pulling?

This is a known issue. There is a pull request on github for it:

The github fix didn’t solve the issue.

I’m trying to this as well. No solution yet?

Is there any update on this bug please?

I’ve just had the same problem of the item name with underscores appearing in an email (merge field) instead of the display name. In this case the display label and the item name are already slightly different.