PDF template filter


When i’m generating the Quote pdf i would like to to add a column with the list discount amount. Since this amount can be either a pct or amt, i need to write a code that transform that pct into and amt on the pdf view. I tried to write php in the template, didn’t work. Is there any way to write simple php over the pdf template view?

This is what i want to do over the view:

if( $aos_products_quotes_discount == 'pct' ){
    $aos_products_quotes_product_discount_amount = (100-$aos_products_quotes_product_discount_amount)/100 ) * $aos_products_quotes_product_list_price

Also i want to change the date format to spanish to: Febrero 17, 2013

Luis Cabarique

Hi Luis,

Did you ever succeed in getting this to work?