PDF not printing out correctly

Hi everyone.

I’ve added the print to pdf function to a couple of the standard modules following a guide I’ve found here on the forum.
The function itself works, but the pdf output isn’t identical to the template.
Data from the module are printed correctly, and so are images included one I’ve added.

What it does not work, it’s the print of the tables in the module: despite being correctly formatted in the template (I’ve also tried to copy the html out in a file and opened it in chrome, works fine), table borders etc does not get printed.

Have I missed some parameters in the configuration of the pdf module, or I skipped some package in the centos 7 base install?


Hey there,

Are you still having issues with this?

If so, are you able to check if tables display correctly when generating a PDF for a module that originally has this functionality?
(Such as on Accounts)

I have given it a try on a local copy of 7.11.18, using the “Invoice Sample” Sample Template, and it seems to generate tables correctly:

It might be worth taking a look at this sample, to see if it can be copied?

Hello John,

Not really, i found a workaround.
The tables are displayed correctly as long as the code is correct, it’s more an editor issue rather than the print function.
After some digging i found that the editor despite displaying it, did not write correctly the html styling, resulting in tables printed without the correct layout, so i fixed the issue in my custom template by manually adjusting where needed the template directly in the html.
After that the print was correct.


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Thanks for getting back in touch!

Glad you found a workaround of sorts, and I appreciate you detailing what was needed!