PDF Invoice displays company logo as a red X

I’ve seen several other posts about this, but none very recent and none with a suitable solution for what I’m experiencing. When I print/email a PDF quote/invoice the company logo is displayed as a red “x”. I’ve tried both PNG and JPG files and receive the same outcome. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Does your CRM is on internet and available for all or it is behind the firewall or something?
You may need to change the path of image in your pdf template to something /themes/images/company_logo.png
and try

Thanks for the reply. The CRM is behind a firewall, but the red X appears when printing the PDF to computers inside of that same firewall. I tried the alternate file path for the image, as well, and had the same results.

Use an absolute Path for your Image. Try to reach the Logo Image Via Browser path and then put the same URL into the HTML Image tag for PDF Template