PDF invoice bulk downloading

Are there any possibilities to be able for PDF invoice bulk DOWNLOADING from invoices list?

Thank you

In SuiteCRM, no.

There might be some browser plugins to facilitate downloading a bunch of URLs on a list shown on screen, but this would be just a workaround.

You might want to just write a bit of custom code to fetch everything from the database and zip it together so you can download in one go.

Can you please provide where to read or to see sample or tutorial?

You need some way to trigger the action. One simple option for that would be a custom entrypoint.

Then the action would essentially involve working with Beans to get the necessary data from the module.

You will need to figure out how the actual PDF files are stored, I don’t know, it’s probably a similar scheme to Notes and Attachments.

Then search Google for generic ideas on how to create a zip and serve it to the browser.

Realized pdf bulk printing with tutorial Bulk Print to pdf custom module . For custom module - OK, but for AOS_Invoices line items doesn’t able to print.
In topic Invoice Print as pdf from list view user posted that it is not difficult

Got this working as i wanted, Actually was a lot simpler than I thought
By creating a custom formLetterPdf.php I can now mass print invoices from the list view with all relationship data B)

But how? Please point me, what exactly should I modify.
Now while printing from list I get this:
Снимок экрана 2021-02-14 в 08.44.43

Hi @anyketua,

As @pgr said, there is no direct method that will allow you to download PDF invoices in Bulk. However, you can use the SuiteCRM Global PDF Generator for this purpose. With help of this, you can download PDF in one click and that from any custom module you want. :point_down:

Here is the link of the Extension: SuiteCRM Global PDF Generator

If I was looking for where to buy, I would write.
I am modifying it myself and ask for help, it remains only to find how to include line items while printing from list view.

Isn’t that just a matter of going from one Bean object to a related bean object? What have you tried?