đź”’ Password not saving on outgoing SMTP [Personal & system]

I seen there is a lot of these in the forums about this issue which I unfortunately also have. When you hit save the password isn’t really saved.

Is there any fix for this issue?

Or can you edit and save the password directly in the DB without any larger hassle?

Running the test e-mail ends up in this mess:

An email error occurred:The following From address failed: just-a-test@gmail.com : MAIL FROM command failed,Sender address is not valid for your login. Check your email program settings. ,551,SMTP server error: MAIL FROM command failed Detail: Sender address is not valid for your login. Check your email program settings. SMTP code: 551SMTP server error: MAIL FROM command failed Detail: Sender address is not valid for your login. Check your email program settings. SMTP code: 551

For some reason the test is attempting to send with the test e-mail too to make it even worse. So its basically trying to spoof e-mail on the server… :scream:

Obviously it fails due to the user and password is incorrect… Plus on top of that our server doesn’t allow external e-mail accounts to send through the server for also obvious reasons…

Now if you try to use the configured e-mail in the settings instead to send the test email then this pops up in stead:
An email error occurred:SMTP connect() failed. https://github.com/PHPMailer/PHPMailer/wiki/Troubleshooting

Which is odd because we can telnet the e-mail server and it is responding accordingly on the ports both non ssl and ssl. Example:

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Hmm I sort of got it working by changing browser from Brave to Google Chrome. I guess the privacy shields in Brave is too strong or something that might be blocking something in SuiteCRM. It just doesn’t make sense because I used Brave to setup the system with that Browser and it worked fine until a week ago or so.

At least I got my personal account working again by saving in Google Chrome. The group account however is still refusing to budge though and so is the system group account for outgoing mail.

This is a weird issue and I cannot fully get my head around it… :thinking:

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There was a lot of this bug going around a couple of years ago, but it doesn’t make much sense to me that you’re getting it now.

Pay attention to a couple of things, variations that might help you get a more precise diagnosis:

  1. Exactly which screen are you using to set the account options? There are many different ones in SuiteCRM, with different code driving them. Main difference is: from the User profile or from Admin area. But there are more subdivisions.

  2. There might be differences between just entering the account data and saving it, or if you first use the “send email test” before saving it.

  3. There might be issues with weird characters in the password getting stripped out by SuiteCRM. Use a very simple alphanumeric password if possible.

Thanks a bunch @pgr !

That seemed to help. We used quite complex passwords, changing them to more simple did the trick. All outbound accounts now pass the email test which is great news. :+1:

However when attempting to send from the custom group account (leads module **
** e-mail editor/TinyMFC –OR– All ->> E-mail -->TinyMFC) it generates this warning:
is this a permission issue and you need to grant the ability to send through that account somewhere?

The default system account is configured not to allow users to e-mil through it:

Outbound accounts configuration:

Inbound accounts configuration:

Personal account configuration (Profile):

Thoughts? :thinking:

Thanks in advance

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I easily get lost in all these email issues.

I don’t think that “unable to send” error is a permissions thing. Supposedly, you only see the accounts you can send from in the “From” dropdown of the Compose window.

That error looks more like an actual email error, something in the SMTP dialogue with the email provider’s server.

You can get extra SMTP logging, see this tip

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Well the odd thing is then that all the accounts above will send the test e-mail also to external accounts such as Gmail or Hotmail. So they work. But then when you chose the same group account from the frontend e.g. leads or e-mails and try to send you receive that message.

Since SuiteCRM encourage the user to contact the administrator (the wording of it), it sounded a bit like the admin has to assigning some permissions. But what do I know? :blush:

Well since my company have our own e-mail server I have checked the smtp logs and I could not find anything directly… But I guess I have to take another look.

Thanks a bunch for sharing the links, I will take a look at that too. :facepunch:

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