Parse incoming mail and assign to appropriate contact and organisation

Hi everyone first time poster. I am needing to find the best way to parse incoming mail and autoassign to appropriate contact or organisation. anyone who has ideas or has implemented this already would be great to hear from you.


Hi @jbdunnofficial
As per your requirement, we build functionality to parse incoming emails and assign them to the appropriate module.
Please check out this functionality by watching this video : Mail Parsing

thank you but im looking for a non paid way of doing this

On which basis do you want to auto-assign contact or do organization means need to check the Email Address of Contacts?

Hi Jessica, thanks for the reply. when a case or email is created in Suite CRM I would like it auto assigned to the contacts within that email.

Did you solve this issue or facing it?

still facing it Jessica

Can you please tell me which field you want to auto-assign? Case Record is assigned using the Assigned To field. So are you talking about the same field?

Hi Jessica, the workflow I’m trying to achieve is an email comes in and I’d like it assigned to a contact or if a contact doesn’t exist for it to be added as a contact in the crm. thanks