Parse error after deploying a custom module

Newbie here … I created a custom Module and when I deployed it, I received a pop up error message that the module might not have been deployed. From that point onwards, the web interface is broken with a single parse error line (though, the log in page still works) - see error message below.

What might have caused this error?
How can I roll back?
Any tips or advise on creating new modules will be appreciated.


Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ',' in C:\xampp\apps\suitecrm\htdocs\modules\PRG_ProgressEvent\vardefs.php on line 43

I am not sure why this error happened but I would just edit that file and remove the ‘,’ thats causing the problem. You may also want to try doing a quick repair and rebuild from the admin panel if deploying customisations fail.

There was a bug in version 7.3 when creating a custom module which caused it to write the following line to the vardefs

‘inline_edit’ => ,

when it should be:

‘inline_edit’ => ‘’,

If you update the file with the above that will fix the error. Also this bug has been fixed in 7.3.1 so if you upgrade Suite to the latest version you shouldn’t encounter this problem again.