Pagebreaks in PDF documents not saving

when you’re editing a pdf template and adding a pagebreak, when you save the pagebreak does not stay.

I don’t know exactly where, but I’ve heard about this issue before.

Try searching Github, you might find more information about this

it was working fine before updating to 7.10

Version 7.11.13 And the pagebreak tag problem continues. It is removed from the HTML.

Yes, but there is a fix proposed and it is quite easy to do manually:

Just make a backup of that file before you begin editing, so you can go back in case you break something.

I did it. Div works. It works like this


@pgr Am I missing something or that new line you added missing a comma at the end?

Nice catch! Fixed it.

if you have tried the fix, please post on GitHub saying if it worked for you, or what problems you had. Thanks!