Overdue Project Tasks

Hi there,
I am sorry if this is already answered but I was unable to find the answer.
I am using v 7.4.3. of suitecrm;
When first opening the interface I have the tabs of Open Tasks and My Project Tasks.
The Open Tasks tab has a Due Date field where if the date is overdue compared with current date the information is showed in RED color.
In My Project Tasks I have a Start Date and a Finished date. Even if the Finished date date is overdue this is not shown in red color. Is there any way to make this possible ? That overdue dates will be shown in RED (or any other) color ?
Also in the Project Tasks list, if the Finished date is overdue, there is no red color. To this list I’ve added the field DUE DATE, it is shown on the view list and in the edit list, but again even if in the due_date field the date is overdue compared with current date, there is not red color indication.

Is there a solution to this problem ?

this is not a problem, more like a missing feature, I’ve checked the code and all regarding due_date in Project Tasks is commented out. In project tasks is being use the date_finish field.

if you want to mess around with the code, let me know so I can hint you.

best regards

Yes, man, please hit me with the code messing information.
But please do it like for a baby :blink: .
Take me step by step and indicate the files I need to change . . . .
I do not mind using the date_finished and making it red or blue or whatever color . . . .

And THANKS in advance ! :smiley:

you need to un comment this line https://github.com/salesagility/SuiteCRM/blob/master/modules/ProjectTask/ProjectTask.php#L286 and then this https://github.com/salesagility/SuiteCRM/blob/master/modules/ProjectTask/ProjectTask.php#L290 and last this https://github.com/salesagility/SuiteCRM/blob/master/modules/ProjectTask/ProjectTask.php#L302

then you have two options, add the field due_date to your project tasks module, including the dashlet, or replace in the code the values DUE_FATE for DATE_FINISH, this is just a saying, this needs more look into it, and I can’t test it right now.

best regards

Dear Mike,

I was looking into the links you posted but honestly I was not able to find some lines related with color coding or similar;
As I was able to figure it seems that the “dates” in general no matter they are Start_Date / End_Date etc have some status assigned to them, aka:

  • if task/project date is in the future compared with current day, then the task is “OK”
  • if task/project date is in older compared with current day, then the task is “overdue”
  • if task/project date is equal with current day, then the task is “for today” . . .

But, this doesn’t change the fact that the color coding is not acting . . .

for color codes you need to touch the css of SuiteCRM

this is the line that sets color red to overdue times


best regards

Hello again mike,

Yes you are perfectly right; the color code for the overdue tasks id already red color . .BUT, please look again at the screenshot and ack the problem is:

On the " My Open Task" section the finishing date is “Due Date”; this date is compared with current date and is shown in red color because is OVERDUE.
On the " My Project Task" section the finishing date is “Finish Date”; this date is somehow NOT compared with current date because is NOT shown in red color EVEN if it is overdue . . …

that’s why I told you that to make it work for Finish Date you need to modify the code you need to replace in the code the values DUE_DATE for DATE_FINISH, but this is something that I have not tested it.

best regards

Yes, indeed, problem is I do not have the full knowledge.
I was thinking about an workaround in the way that I should add the DUE DATE field after the Finish Date and check if this one is reported to be OVERDUE.

On the other hand, it may be a problem of proper understanding of this field significance; it looks like Finish date doesn’t stand for a mandatory date to finish the task, but probably for a calculation of time in between the Start date and the actual Finish Date . . . .so there is no need to evaluate the Finish Date with an overdue.

But, because the real life is always exceeding the imagination, my server is down as for yesterday and we cannot figure out for the moment how to repair it ; it’s a virtual machine under a VMware and blocked under a rebooting status at 90% . . . .

Yes, you’re right, at my understanding Finish Date represents the date that you finished the task, not the day that’s supposed to be finished. I suggest you to add the due_date field in layouts in studio (the field already exists but not showing) and after that if you “activate” the commented code, by activate I mean to un comment it and the code will run, after you activate the code and populate the due_date field the color changing function will work.

I hope that you get your VM fixed.

best regards