Outlook hangs/freezes

Environment: Outlook 2013, 32-bit, installed through Office365 Click-to-run; Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit

When starting Outlook in safe mode, SuiteCRM toolbar doesn’t show up but everything navigates properly. When Outlook is started normally, SuiteCRM toolbar loads and can enter credential information, but then going to any folder causes hangs and Outlook title bar shows “Not responding”.

Are there log files that might show more information?


Can you share the log file available under,


Found a log file under C:\Users<USER>\AppData\Roaming\SuiteCRMOutlookAddIn\Logs (attached)

But nothing is being logged there now.

Some other data points: when I first start up, I can click on the InBox and see emails, work as normal. The SuiteCRM add-in shows up in the toolbar, and I can successfully search, archive, etc.

It’s when I then go to a folder with some other emails, it goes to the waiting icon and says not responding, never comes back.