Outgoing email issues


You can turn off the password management in the admin panel which will allow you to set the users password when creating the user.

however i think that error 110 is connection timeout. so either the port is being blocked by the 1and1 firewall or the details are incorrect. From what I can remember 1and1 have a firewall for the shared hosting ? this might be what you need to look into


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Hi Ian,

Yes, thanks. I discovered the means to manually set password whilst my message was awaiting approval, so at least the boss can be taking a look around the application whilst I get email sorted. Big step forward. :slight_smile:

Regarding the email, doesn’t the telnet output that 1and1 tech support sent discount the firewall blocking the email connection? Given that I have several Wordpress websites running on the same server which are able to send me emails to my gmail email address, it looks (to my poorly-informed eye) like the problem lies with the SuiteCRM/SugarCRM code.

Could you point me to the code which tries to send the test message? Maybe I can discover how to switch from PHPmailer to sendmail, or at least do some diagnostics or enable some more verbose debugging…

Many thanks.

Hi contadino,

From what I can remember wordpress uses sendmail and has no need in connecting to a mail server so doesnt need to access a external server on the smtp port which SuiteCRM needs.

It has been long time since I have used 1and1. A few people have had problems using 1and1 shared hosting, i did not notice that this came from the 1and1 support. The fact that the error is 110 which i think is connection timed out this would suggest that its blocked somewhere.

however have a look in


you should be able to track the email setup here.

I wouldnt recommend trying to change it to sendmail, as this chances are wont be upgrade safe and may need to be changed each time an upgrade is required, there is ver few bugs with the email setup which SuiteCRM and SugarCRM has so chances are the issue lies in the shared hosting.


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