Outbound Email

Hello Experts,

I’m newbie in SuiteCRM and I’m having trouble when sending out an email. Please see attached screen shot for your reference.

Already configured outbound emails and they’re all successful on testing. But when I tried to compose an email to send to a test email recipient, it show the error. I don’t where I missed the email configuration. Although the system shows an error the email was still sent out to the recipient.

Hoping that someone can help me out on fixing this issue.

Your comment is very much appreciated. Thank in advanced!


Dear Support,
I am also encountering the same issue. I have gone through some of the posts and have tried out all the suggestions listed in this https://github.com/salesagility/SuiteCRM/issues/1123 webpage. However none of them sorted out my issue. I believe that it is marked as a bug and we might get a fix for this.
Thank you.