Opportunity to Opportunity Relationship

We have opportunities that result in ongoing annual license sales, so our practice has been to raise opportunities, 1/year for n years to capture the forecast revenue and as a trigger to contact the customer and organise/negotiate the annual fee.

I tried adding a relationship of 1:M, so that the original opportunity can be linked to the subsequent opportunites, in the same way that Contact to Contact tracks Report to, and it says that it is successful, but no relationship is added.

Is this something I should be able to do and/or is there a better way?

Currently we are on 7.11.21


It’s a long shot, but try a “Repair relationships” from Admin / Repairs

Thanks for the suggestion… must admit I forgot that step but unfortunately it doesn’t seem to have fixed the issue.

And when you do a Quick Repair and Rebuild, if you scroll down to the bottom do you see a message saying a query needs to be executed? If so, go ahead and execute.

So I tried the Quick Repair and Rebuild… no queries and no success. Just to be sure I, added the relationship again, then did Repair Relationships and then Quick Repair and Rebuild… still no change.

You’re probably facing some kind of bug, I guess…

Do you see anything in the logs at the time the relationship is added to the opportunity?

After upgrading to 7.12, the issue seems to have resolved itself. Not sure if it was a case of a bug being resolved, or the update & restart process clearing a something allowing the new relationship to be created.

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