Opportunities and Contacts Not Always Linking Correctly

I have an issue with Suite 6.5.18 (and I have trouble upgrading it too but I made another thread about that in the installation and upgrade forum)

My issue is that when I create an opportunity and specify a contact for that opportunity, I would expect the opportunity to then show when I view the contact.

However, this does not always happen.

For example on a recent contact I have opportunities that were created on the 19th and 25th. But the new one that I just made today (the 27th) does not show up there. And there are other missing ones over time too. But then there are some that do show up.

Assuming that the users are always entering the opportunities in the same manner, without any deviation, what would the reason for this error be, and how would I fix it?

I saw there’s a “hotfix” for it in Sugar CRM which is why I thought maybe updating my SuiteCRM would fix this issue but I can’t update due to errors in my other thread.

So now I need help to get this relationship to always populate correctly.

Responded to your other thread which will allow you to update and test out if your issue is resolved.

Bump I still need some support. I replied in my other thread, I cannot locate the upgrade package which you referenced in your reply. Thank you.