Open en email attachment directly from history panel in cases or accounts


I’m running suiteCRM 7.8.8.

It is possible to open an email-attachment directly by clicking on the dokument-symbol in history-panel in cases and account-module?
This function works for me only with notes.

If I “mouse-over” on document-symbol in an email-row in the history-panel, it shows the text “acc-documents”. By clicking on the document-symbol nothing happens.

Is this normal behavior?


Enrico Fischer

I have noticed that when emails with attachements are imported the attachment disappears (7.11.6)

So far I used Thunderbird as email-client and archived the mails with opacus addon to suiteCRM.

Now I tested with an email send from inside suiteCRM with external file and also with an internal suite-document as attachment.
In both cases the same behavior. The attachment can’t openend directly from history-subpanel.