Opacus Thunderbird plug in - on Linux(Ubuntu) - installs fine, does not work

I have been using the Opacus plug in for Thunderbird ever since started using SuiteCRM.

I use it on Mac and Windows.

I have decided to migrate, albeit slowly, to Ubuntu.

The Plug-in installs fine, all credentials are entered, but nothing.

All buttons show up. But, when I click on the “archive” button, nothing happens. No reaction from the computer.

I have tried this on two different computers. Same issue.

Anyone out there using Ubuntu running Thunderbird? Ideas on a fix?

I have been on the Opacus site, but no replies.




I’m using Opacus Icedove plugin on Debian and work fine. Sometimes I have to rewrite my password.


Miguel Angel

Opacus makes two plugins for thunderbird and outlook syncing, so you might want to specify which one you’re trying to use.

I am using the archive-email plugin with icedove on Debian 8.5 and it’s working for me.

Hi Joe,

select Tools then Opacus Plugin Preferences and just ensure that the SugarCRM URL is correct and both your user name and password are also correct (case sensitive)


You are correct. There are two versions.


Both install fine and I can enter my url, name and password

1.6.1 just sits there are does not react at all, when I go to “archive” a message.

1.0.2 it errors are says that the URL: is no good.

I am using v7.5.x SuiteCRM
v45.x TBiurd Ubuntu

That is it.

I know that the URL, name and password work, because I use them in TBird on my Mac and windows machines, as well as my quickCRM app on my smart phone.

Is there one of the version of Opacus that I should use instead of the other? The differences that I noticed is the versinos of SugarCRM it works with.(in the descriptions.



I did try the url, name and password. I checked multiuple times.