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One platform for multi organisation


I would like to build a webbplatform for many organisations and business, I would like that every organisation has an administrator and manage its business depende from others.
Can you help me.

in this case, I would recommend to do one installation per client - otherwise, you cannot make sure that organizations can’t access each others records. In case you want to use the same DB for multiple crms, make also sure that each instance is using a separate db user with different credentials.

Thank you diligent, I Will do one database for each organisation. But can I link all organisations for the same webb store and each organisation controls its own products and categories?

That highly depends on how you integrate things. If you do multiple CRMs, your webshop has to synchronize (pull) each CRM separately (getting products/availability via API). On the other hand, you could also make the CRMs the active party: hooks could push the product information to the Webshop, in this case the modification remains in Suite.

Tanks now I hav idea what I will do. Another thing I would ask about. I would like to costumize my product’s categories fields. For example for car parts details.