One conatct multiple account in sugarcrm

I am new to sugar and I need to create One Contact multiple Account.I have already changed the metadata file to make Account:Contact a M:1 relationship but but I dont know what to do?

Please share your experience.

Can you not just go into admin/studio then go to contacts and add a new relationship between contacts and accounts. Then just remove the orgininal relationship from view.

yes i try it, but it not working yet.

Thats should work, check your file permissions and ro a quick repair and rebuild plus repair relationships from the admin panel.

Hmm.But, actualy i need to show all the fields (I mean how to add multiple account under one contact?) in contact form because user must be filled up or choose all the account from sugar account.

Im not sure what your talking about, I would suggest you you read the sugarcrm CE user guides to understand exaclty what it can and cant do out of the box.