One Click SuiteCRM Installation

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I just wanted to ask you a question here.

Can we set up something where we click on a link/button and SuiteCRM gets installed directly as it does in the Bitnami and Installatron?

It would be easy for us, once we get a new client or want to set up a demo, simply click a button and give folder name and it completes the setup.

Any idea or suggestion?


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I see a variant to write script with next steps:

  • Create default configuration of SuiteCRM
  1. install SuiteCRM
  2. make configuration of the installation as you want
  3. create zip-archive from SuiteCRM installation
  4. create dump of the database installation
  • Start instance of SuiteCRM for new client
  1. create from with minimum information for new instance, include:
    – admin name and password;
    – name (domain) of instance;
  2. extract zip-archive to new folder and change permissons.
  3. create new database (include new user) and copy the dump there
  4. add new domain to the web-server (apache, nginx, etc.)
  5. rewrite parameters in the file config.php of SuiteCRM, include:
    – database information
    – doman name
  6. update record of admin user in new database
  7. restart the web-server

I hope that I wrote all minimum information for installation.

Thanks for your reply and time @p.konetskiy

What you have suggested is a manual way. What if we want to make it automatic? Like we have it on cpanel. Just select the application you want to install and provide basic details and it’s done.



I wrote about script which you can write by PHP, Shell or other language and call from your cpanel.

Thank you @p.konetskiy

Let me try it.