Object Link in E-Mail Template

Is it possible to add a link to a CRM object in the body of an e-mail template? I’d like to be able to add a clickable URL to the corresponding Suite CRM object (account, contact, opportunity) on the e-mail for a workflow.

I couldn’t find a way to add that to the e-mail body (Salesforce has this ability, and we are converting our workflows over to Suite)


you can do that with workflows.

my test settings (workflows):

  • workflow module: accounts
  • run: only on save
  • no conditions (you probably need some)
  • action: send mail
  • template: select/create a proper template
  • to: some address

my template:

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This worked. Thanks.

I did end up using $sugarurl in the link because it was oddly stripping the first part of the URL off when it arrived in my mail client (Outlook), even though the outgoing message in Suite appeared correct.

For future reference to anyone looking… the URL looks like: