Numerous "Not found" errors since upgrade to 7.8.20

Version 7.8.20, Windows 10 Pro 10.0.17763 Build 17763

Suitecrm.log at sign-in begins a long string of “not found” errors starting with:
“[5088][-none-][WARN] Image Create_Security_Group.gif not found”
I have attached the full capture of these errors that occurred before I did any further functions.

Then when sending an email campaign of less than 20 messages this results:
“[5088][1][WARN] Image icon_EmailMan_32.png not found”. The rest of the error group is also attached

These errors have existed since upgrading to 7.8.20; I’ve been able to work through them but suspect it degrades performance. Suggestions will be appreciated.

Make sure your file permissions are not degraded for some reason, and that SuiteCRM can read those files if they are on the disk

If not, try deleting “cache/themes” and check if is solved

Then try a few repairs from Admin / Repairs (not just the QR&R - also others, rebuild javascript etc)

A random four of the .gifs flagged as “not found” shows none of them exist anywhere under the SuiteCRM folder. I never deleted any of them and the upgrade never flagged them. Do you know if these are erroneous references of if they should be in place? If missing for some reason, can you point me to where I could get them?

Sorry, only now I saw your actual logs on your first post.

Those messages are false positives, safe to ignore. Everybody has them.

I hate excessive and misleading log messages, and we have made a few fixes just to remove these annoying pests, but not all of them are gone yet, I am afraid…