Notify responsible user when link is clicked

I work in a small startup team that is preparing for the use of SuiteCRM. We are absolutely enthusiastic about what works out of the box and what benefits the system will bring us.

I would like to ask you pros for advice on the following simple requirement: There should be a link which is sent to our leads via campaign email. If the Lead clicks on it, then a task should be created for the responsible user or just a notification should be sent to him (he will transform the user to an opportunity).
Was thinking of a custom entrypoint, but couldn’t find out which mail template variable contains the ID of the lead so that I can infer WHO clicked on the link. is it the totally wrong direction?

I would be very grateful for any advice on this matter!

Thank you, Thomas

SuiteCRM: Version 7.11.19 self hosted

Have a look at URL trackers, you can probably get SuiteCRM to record the campaign reaction clicks with that.

Then you might need a Workflow or a Logic Hook to create the opportunity automatically.

Thanks for your advice!

SuiteCRM offers so many possibilities. I have to familiarize myself with the subject of workflow, etc. For now, we decided to do the process manually because we don’t have the resources to implement it correctly.
When we are ready I will contact this friendly forum again.


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