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Hello everyone,

Just wanted to confirm I am not blind while playing with SuiteCRM 8.

I cannot seem to find the notifications button in SuiteCRM 8.
Documentation (Desktop Notifications :: SuiteCRM Documentation) says it should be there.

We are not seeing it.

Thanks in advance for your assistance!


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Sorry for tagging you but was wondering if you know about this.


Hi @Yar

If I need to enable desktop notifications for this browser session, or to always enable desktop notifications, I go to User Preferences >> Profile >> Advanced tab

This is my current SuiteCRM instance, and the “Enable Desktop Notifications”button is in the lower right. A pop up window will ask permission to show notifications.

Now the desktop notifications is active but the badget is not being displayed in SuiteCRM 8.1.3

Thanks @domiserver for your response.

I did that and it works there. But i was wondering if there is a notifications button like the documentation suggests? Maybe it was only for SuiteCRM 7.X.

Hi @Yar

That is correct. The link you provided this morning for “Enable Preferences” is within the SuiteCRM 7.x section.

Item #5 is the guide for current features related to SuiteCRM 8.x

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Uptil suitecrm 8.2 beta2 only email notifications work . The desktop notification both browser and popup have not been implemented yet

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That explains a lot. Is that part of a “wish list”? Desktop Notifications?

It is part of wishlist

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Me love @domiserver @abuzarfaris and @pgr long time!

So far all of my questions have been answered. Thanks!

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