Note records are not saved in Opportunities history, but only on the first attempt

SuiteCRM version: 7.13.4

Good evening,

here is an odd behaviour I’m encountering:

  • I open the DetailView of an Opportunity
  • I open the History subpanel of that record
  • I create a new note from the subpanel
  • When I click save, if this was the first time I attempted to create a new note, the record is not saved
  • When I try again, the record is saved normally

I’ve played around with this and this always happens the very first time I manually create a note from the subpanel within the Opportunity record.

I have not found any recorded cases of anything similiar happening to anyone.

I have tried creating the note from the EditView and not the subpanel, and it works on the first try.

I have tried creating a note in the history of some other kind of record, such as an Account, and it works on the first try

I have tried creating the record on the database side, but the first manual attempt to create a note will fail.

I have tried reading my log at the Debug level, but I wasn’t able to find any useful records of what could be causing this error.

Any troubleshooting steps or advice is welcome.