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I cannot seem to find out if it’s possible or not to preview notes when viewing the history section of an individual lead. The categories that I see are Subject, Status, Contact, Category, Date Modified, Date Created, Due Date and Assigned User. Is it possible to view the description of each note in that section without having to open each note?

Additionally, it would be nice to preview notes on the main list view screen. The tool at the bottom does allow custom columns, which is nice. However, I don’t see the option to include the latest note.


A couple of tips:

Have a look at the “View Summary” you can access from the Lead’s Detail view, down in the History subpanel. It seems to be the kind of thing you need.

But I also suggest a smart Workflow to see the latest Note directly as a field (Description) on the Lead.

Create a Workflow like this:

With no conditions, and this single action:

Be careful, this will overwrite the Lead’s Description, so warn your users not to do manual changes there.

Whenever you add a note related to a Lead, or modify that Note, the latest text will be copied over to the Lead’s Description.

Thanks for the help. The workflow works great and it helps a lot. However, where exactly is the “View Summary” feature you mentioned? I click everywhere in the History section and do not see anything related to that option. Perhaps it’s a feature that has to be turned on?

It’s there, in the action menu.

One thing I always do as soon as I install SuiteCRM is to go in Admin / System Settings and turn off “Display actions within menus”. This makes the buttons on every view more quickly accessible, and also more visible. This will help you find that option.

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