Not loading when setup in shared hosting

I’ve set up suiteCRM in shared hosting and it’s loading for few minutes and afterwards it just shows Internal Server Error (code 500). I’ve set the permissions, but I can’t set the ownership because I don’t have SSH access. Is there a debug mode or some way to check what is wrong?

You can use Filezilla to set all the file permissions via FTP.

Additional to the good advice given above, you can also adjust some settings in php.ini (memory_size, max_execution_time) if your hosting let’s you.

Finally, there are logs you can check for errors.

The other thing you can try is to enable error display in the php.ini and the config and see what’s causing the 500 error. I generally find its:

  1. not enough PHP Memory (s/b 256mb)
  2. file permissions, check the root folder and all others below per specifications on Suitecrm.
  3. Also, if you’re cron job is not set up and Advanced Open Index is set to “yes” you’ll get a 500 error on every save when it tries to update the index that doesn’t exist. (you need to be at least be able to get into SuiteCRM to change this setting).

Those are the main things I’ve run into.