Not Archiving Emails

Hi there,
an odd thing:

I succeeded in installing the Outlook plugin on two Pcs with Windows 7 64bit and Outlook 2010.

The configuration went smoothly: i receive a success message clicking the “Test” button.
And i can see my CRM records from the Address book in Outlook.

When in Outlook i select an email to Archive it, i select the desired record and i click “Archive”.
I even receive a Success message. But in the CRM in the History subpanel don’t see the email…

What tests should i do?

Are you using any custom set up i.e. LDAP?

Do you get any errors from the plug-in?



Hi Will, thanks for your answer.

The plug-in always tells “1 email archived”

I supposed it was a problem of permission rules, but it’s not.

Could it be because the user hasn’t config his email SMTP ,…?
or because the email settings in the admin panel aren’t configured yet…?

I found the answer:
Email Module was disabled for that user (in Rules)
The Email settings in Admin panel weren’t well configured