Not able to view Inbound emails

Good Morning

We are trying to get to configure the default suitecrm email client so users can get their emails in this client.
The client works find for oubtound emails, however for inbound emails it is almost impossible to get it to work.
Imap configuration is ok but when we go to the Email view, to click on “View Emails” nothing is shown.

If we click in the filter button and we filter by “My Elements”, I can see in the “Inbound” mails, all the mails the user has sent (These would be the Sent Folder right?). Then if we remove the filter in the Inbond Email List View, we are able to see all Inbound email, but they are sorted by “From” mail address. If we click in the “Date Created” name of the colum, all mails disappear and we get the message

“No Results Found… Try it again with another filter criteria”.

If we then click in the “Inbox” button and we repeat the process explained before we are able to see again the inbound emails… but not sorted by date (even we tried to do so in the Filter pop-up window).

Is there anything we are doing wrong?. Which steps must we follow to get the inbound mails shown sorted by date of received mail?

Thanks a lot

Which version of SuiteCRM is this?