Not Able to see the Custom Module Subpanel and data under Normal User

Hi All,

I have created couple of Custom Modules and added them in Many to many relationship with Accounts module. Everything is working fine if I work with Admin User privileges, I am able to see the data under that modules and also able to see the Subpanel of those modules. But as soon as I login with the Non admin user, everything changes, I am neither able to see any data nor the Subpanels are coming.
Is there anything, I have missed.

Even if I goto Roles, and trying to setup the roles, I am not able to see the custom modules I have created earlier…
Any suggestions.

Many thanks!

Hi Folks,

Any help on this, it’s bit urgent.

Many thanks!

May be this helps

go to admin ->repair ->repair roles.

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Hi Ashish,

It worked. Thanks a ton.

Hi Ashish,

I need some help, Can we setup 2 environment of SuiteCRM (Same version) in single machine.

I have got a requirement where I need to setup 2 CRMs for 2 different Sales teams, I have setup One environment already in Ubuntu 18.04 machine (Location: /var/www/prospectsbuild)
Can I setup other one in different location in same machine (e.g /var/www/newfolder etc) and I am planning to create new DB in Same PhpMyadmin to lik with the other setup.

Can I achieve the same, if yes, do I need to do any precautions or have to take any certain steps?

Many thanks!

All you need to make 2 separate virtual hosts.

Hi Ashish, my questions might sound stupid, but I am bit new in SuiteCRM implementaion so… :slight_smile:

Actually I have couple of question in this:

  1. For the first Virtual host setup: I have defined it in following path: /etc/apache2/sites-available/suite.conf, so where I need to make separate virtual host.

  2. Before setting up the Virtual host, I have made changes for my first suitecrm in “/etc/php/7.0/apache2/” where I have made changes in Session.save_path = “/var/www/suitecrm” for how it is going to work with other setup.

Many thanks!

You can set up each virtual host with separate sessions.

your virtual hosts must say like that

/etc/apache2/sites-available/site1.conf -> having all seperate folders and session dir
/etc/apache2/sites-available/site2.conf-> keep seperate.

after making necessary files, just run a2endmod for both of virtual hosts.

If you planning to use Free SSL using lets encrypt, just keep a separate SSL virtual hosts. so would be having 4 Vhosts at 18.04. Before 18.04, I think it was possible to put them under the same host file.

For Let’sencrypt , You may use those steps.

Hi Ashish,

After doing upgrade of SuiteCRM, Button images (Like filer, column chooser, Email: Send, attachment) are not getting populated properly. It behave differently in different browsers:

Chrome: A small rectangular image is appearing in every Button
IE/MS Edge: Blank button is there
Safari: proper image is getting appeared.

Unfortunately 99% of users use Chrome and IE in my Organization, any suggestions. I have tried many other ways like deleting themes folder, “Rebuild” and Configure AJAX UI, but didn’t get any success.

Many thanks!