No Outgoing E-Mail Addresses

Hello, I just recently installed SuiteCRM and I have came across a problem when trying to send an e-mail from a quote that I have created. It populates all the fields such as receiver, subjects, and body but I cannot send the e-mail because I cannot choose the outgoing e-mail address.

I have gone to my user profile to setup an e-mail and the server also has an e-mail associated with it. I am able to send out test e-mails and I also receive e-mails from the server regarding assigned tasks.

I am wondering if there was a problem with my setup of SuiteCRM or if I’m not setting up the e-mails in the correct place. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

It really helps if you give your version of SuiteCRM… there is no way anybody can give you a coherent answer without that basic piece of information…

Sorry about that. Here’s the rundown of my situation:

SuiteCRM Version: 7.9.2
Sugar Version 6.5.24 (Build 509)
Installed on Dreamhost
PHP Version: 5.6.29

I added a crontab but could not figure out how to add the crontab command.

The issue that I am having is that the server can send out notification e-mails when there are tasks assigned to a user and for account related stuff. I added another e-mail address in my profile and in the outgoing e-mails of the admin page to e-mail out quotes but whenever I try to submit an e-mail quote, I don’t see any e-mail addresses in the “FROM” tab.

There are more people with similar problems.

I’ve seen other people advise some workarounds that worked for them, like defining an inbound account (although it shouldn’t be related to outbound mail…), or disabling and reenabling mail accounts.

But my advice would be to wait for version 7.9.3 which could be coming out pretty soon (I see a lot of merging activity on GitHub today, usually a release follows). They’ve been fixing lots of email bugs recently and I know this one was under their radar.

Oh great, I thought I didn’t install it correctly or just couldn’t figure out how to configure it. Thanks!