No option to delete lead after conversion ?

It seems it’s your PHP version (4.4.9), it’s too old.

That was because I’ve not specified the php version (need to type php7.1).

Ah ok, I’m glad it’s working.

The job runs every minute, that’s normal, but it simply manages the list of Jobs to decide when each of them should be run. Most of them will run only a few times. You can see the jobs in Admin / Schedulers.

Thats what I’ve done, all the one who are running every minute I’ve put them to every 6 hours.

Cause the job_queue table grow a lot, over 30mb in under a week.

Something that could be really usefull is an explaination of every default schedulers in the documentation, cause its been 2 day that Im trying to know wich one I need and wich one I can desactivate ahah