No "install.php"

Hello guys, i’m trying to install Suitecrm on my webserver.
I downloaded properly SuiteCRM 8.1, and i did upload it with filezilla on my ftp server all good.

Now, i can’t run the installation cause i can’t reach an install.php. I then went on the folder to check and install.php doesn’t exist at all. I have other file that i can reach, for example i can open LICENSES.txt and it works. But i just doesn’t have install.php so i can’t run the install…

Anyone have any way to help me plz ?

install.php does not exist in 8.x; I assume you’re looking at the documentation for 7.x and not 8.x, Downloading & Installing :: SuiteCRM Documentation

Hi, first time installer here for suitecrm, i don’t quite understand can you help me


is my instance path the path directory in C:

or the localhost/testcrm/SuiteCRM-8.2.0/

cause on the first one its just the directory, while the second one when I hit public its says can’t be reached.

i’m installing this on windows btw