No data passed between outlook and suitecrm


I’ve installed…and reinstalled the plugin, no LDAP. It connects fine, but all the searches come up empty…like I wasn’t even connected to SuiteCRM (no error messages, just keeps saying ‘no result’).

I’ve checked the windows logs as suggested in other posts, nothing unusual.

I did find the plugin log at C:\Users[USER]\AppData\Roaming\SuiteCRMOutlookAddIn\Logs. Every search seems to be logged with pretty much the same entry, differing only by the name/email I was searching on and the field it was searching on, in the ‘Data’ section in the entry. Otherwise, everything’s exactly the same. I tried using varying all the options I could find in the plugin.

Sample entry:

------------------2/11/2015 6:48:22 PM-----------------
GetResponse method General Exception:
Message:Unexpected character encountered while parsing value: D. Path ‘’, line 0, position 0.
StackTrace: at Newtonsoft.Json.JsonTextReader.ParseValue()
at Newtonsoft.Json.JsonTextReader.ReadInternal()
at Newtonsoft.Json.JsonTextReader.Read()
at Newtonsoft.Json.Serialization.JsonSerializerInternalReader.ReadForType(JsonReader reader, JsonContract contract, Boolean hasConverter)
at Newtonsoft.Json.Serialization.JsonSerializerInternalReader.Deserialize(JsonReader reader, Type objectType, Boolean checkAdditionalContent)
at Newtonsoft.Json.JsonSerializer.DeserializeInternal(JsonReader reader, Type objectType)
at Newtonsoft.Json.JsonConvert.DeserializeObject(String value, Type type, JsonSerializerSettings settings)
at Newtonsoft.Json.JsonConvert.DeserializeObject[T](String value, JsonSerializerSettings settings)
at Newtonsoft.Json.JsonConvert.DeserializeObject[T](String value)
at SuiteCRMClient.clsGlobals.GetResponse[T](String strMethod, Object objInput, Byte[] strFileContent)
Data:{ session = oped0njkhprj7n29j4mfj8lg07, module_name = vaca_Renter, query = LIKE ‘’, order_by = date_entered DESC, offset = 0, select_fields = System.String[], max_results = 1000, deleted = 0 }

LDAP supported plug-in has not yet been released.

Did you enter your credentials in the plug-in settings within Outlook and test? Did it succeed in connecting?