Next button in list view not working after columns customization

Hi all,
I have a problem with listview within all modules. If you alter the view, selecting new columns and organizing them, the next button (that one wich allows to browse all records) doesn’t work anymore. I am using 7.8.8 LTS, but this bug is also present in the online demo.

For whose that wants to try, simply delete “Office Phone” from Leads listview and go to the 3-4 page: probably you’ll reach the second one, but in most of the case it stops working at the first run.

Ops! Already issued…

Ok, this bug seems to be related with fix #4197. This fix introduces in include/MVC/View/views/view.list.php (row 151)

} elseif (!empty($_REQUEST['update_stored_query'])) {
            $updateKey = $_REQUEST['update_stored_query_key'];
            $updateValue = $_REQUEST[$updateKey];
            $_REQUEST[$updateKey] = $updateValue;

Commenting out that else block solve the problem. Listview works properly: filter out data, save columns and their order, but it keeps losting them after filter remove.