Newsletter without campaign?

I am a little bit confused as to how Newsletter/Campaigns work. I want to be able to create Campaigns in the CRM to track ROI and things, but I also want to have standalone newsletters that aren’t linked to a campaign.

The closest I can come up with is just to add Leads to the Target List then send the emails to everybody on that Target List.

Is that the proper way to add Leads to standalone Newsletters?

There is a somewhat hidden and confusing in-between concept called marketing record or Marketing Email Name, which appears in one of the final stages (Marketing tab) in the Campaign wizard.

This allows to introduce some multiplicity inside a Campaign, such as having different newsletter issues (December, January, etc., for example) inside a single campaign.

Maybe that is what you’re looking for? If not, then I would just ask, why not simply create a new Campaign for each delivery?