newbie: converting lead-opportunity-account

Morning all! I have recently started with a new company who use Suite - When I say use I mean its really basic - they see leads as anybody that is a spending customer and accounts are a customer that has bought at some point in time. Now I am in the sales function, all i wish to do is create a lead (details that are known) and then when i have spoken to that customer and established they might want something, convert to an opportunity - issue is that the system automatically creates that as an account (which they see as a spending customer) but theyre not yet (and they may never be) - what do i need to do to create an opportunity that isnt neccessarily an account? Thanks in advance

Hi, welcome.

Which is your SuiteCRM version?

Just uncheck “Create account” in Leads conversion screen.

Thanks for the response

when i do that though, it wont let me progress as it has a red asterisk meaning it needs to be filled in

That’s a conceptual issue. An opportunity is a possible deal, right? If it’s a possible deal, then it is a deal with someone or some company. By definition, you can’t sell anything to nobody, you just can sell something to some one (or some company). That’s why an Account is mandatory when creating an opportunity.

Nonetheless, I do understand the concept of spending customer versus non spending potential customer.

In your case, I would create a custom field Spending Customer true/false in Accounts module.

Another solution requires you to create a custom module. You can call it Potential Opp, for instance. Then you would have 2 conversion procedures: one from lead to contact + Potential Opp. Then another one from Potential Opp to Account + Opportunity. But it is quite complicated.

Or, you can create a generic Account (like “It’s not a customer yet co.”) and assign all leads to convert in such a situation to that account. I would create a custom field in the opportunity like Non Spending Customer and another one “Potential Account Name”. Then, whem closing the opportunity to Closed/Won, a workflow would create a the account and assign the Opportunity and the Contact to the newly created account.

If you turn account to non mandatory in opp creation, you will face some annoying issues later on. You will need to manualy assign the account for both the contact and the opportunity.

The first scenario is the simple and would be my choice.


You can also Use the “Type” dropdown in Accounts to FLAG different Types of Accounts. If that Dropdown is used for some other business logic, you can always create a New Field from Admin -> Studio -> Accounts -.Fields and setup your Custom Dropdown with the type of Accounts that you would need. Marking the accounts right, would also help you In Searches and Reports on Accounts.