New to Suite - comments, help and guidance - Please!


I’ve just taken the leap from Vtiger - mainly because they keep holding back updates for their ‘on demand’ clients and not Open Source users. Bad Karma indeed.

I’m confused already, but wanted to say Suite looks great from the point of a Joomla! user and small business owner - so far. That said, I’m really after some helpful pointers and guidance from anyone willing to offer. I’m also used to the Linked in Joomla! community - so please go easy on my questions until i get used to how things work in your part of the world.

for background, I’m trying to set this up as a immigration practice CRM - which means I need to maintain legal contracts, documents and case notes - as well as sales/marketing data!

Here are some questions I have after a day of playing around,

  1. is there a simple series of tutorials to help me walk through config of:
  • adding fields to modules;
  • creating web forms
  • creating the Joomla! interface
  1. Does the client portal have access to all of their information? in example, if a client logs into their portal can they see all of the documents they have uploaded, notes I have made on their case and where I am in the project or case?
  • if not, can anyone recommend a developer?
  1. Does Suite have a way of showing all data related to a contact? in example - I create Bill Will as a contact and he uploads a document, then i send him a contract to sign and then make a few calls to him. I need to speak to some other vendors and buy something for bill then track the progress of that purchase by updating his ‘notes’ or case comments.

can i somehow view this from one place?

I appreciate any tutorials, guides, guidance, extension recommendations or anything anyone can offer. V tiger does this stuff, but I just can’t support their corporate policy of restricting updates and features.

kind regards,

Hello J,

Seems you are looking out for perfect streamlining your business needs from CRM. I appreciate your choice on opting to SuiteCRM.
You can create custom fields from Studio section in Admin. Web form can also be created from Campaigns, then design it and put on your site to push leads directly to CRM. You may contact us for customization and implementation of your organization.

For the portal, Usually it should show the documents that are related to the case, project for that contacts only. You may require customization to achieve the portal solution. I would like you to take a look at our Portal Solution, The customer support portal made by us is responsive in nature i.e device independent like Iphone, Ipad, Android, PC, Mac. It can be fully customized to get the desired solution for any organization. you may go through the Customer Support Portal