New Installation, Blank popup {"content":"

I have a new installation of SuiteCRM. Version information: Version 7.3 Sugar Version 6.5.20 (Build 1001)

When navigating to Contacts or other popups, I get a blank popup like in the attached file. Some have undefined buttons.

I’ve read the forum looking for help. I set the permissions to 775 for a whole bunch of folders as recommended elsewhere, and tried the quick repair and rebuild. Neither have helped this situation.

I’m not an advanced linux user nor website admin. I am using Cpanel to manage the back end, so I don’t really have command line access to a lot of tools.

Can you guys give me any help? Thanks.

We are also having this issue but not able to resolve it…

Anyone can help please?

I thought this went away but after doing a new install it worked just fine and now its back again.
Can someone please shed the light on this issue.

I cant move forward because of this…very weird and lost on how to resolve this.

Anyone can help please?

I am also having the same issue, it appears to be a javascript issue!


Could you please go in to the Admin Menu > Repair > and run “Rebuild JS Grouping Files”

Afterwards, please clear your browser’s cache, press ctrl+f5, and see if the issue has been resolved.

Unfortunately, that did not change anything.

I, too, am experiencing this issue. Hoping for a fix soon!

did not work for me either.

It may be worth running a Quick Repair/Rebuild after running “Repair JS Grouping Files”.

Running both of these solves the issue for me any time it occurrs.

Please also ensure that you have cleared your browser’s cache completely and do CTRL+F5.

that did the trick for me, thanks.

It didn’t work for me.

I first did rebuild JS Grouping Fiiles. (step 1)
Then I did quick build and repair (step 2)
Then I cleared my cache and hit Control+F5

Still getting the same error.

If possible, you could try this on different browsers, making sure to clear the cache before doing so.
If it doesn’t help, you could try Swapping to the other SuiteCRM theme.

If it still fails, while not entirely recommended, you can disable AJAX for the module that is causing issue.
You are able to do this by going to Admin > System Settings > “Configure AJAX User Interface” and dragging the Problem modules from the left over to the right and clicking save. Afterwards, clear your cache and do a Quick Repair/Rebuild.

Swapping the themes removed the {“content” popup. It still does a circle with ‘undefined’ in it as the page is loading, but that’s not so bad.

Thanks for your help.